Getting It Right First Time...
24th July 1997

Awarded the first package to perform the concrete works by Flour Daniel International (M) Sdn Bhd for the construction of the Philip Morris Tobacco Processing Plant at Oakland Industrial Park, Seremban and to complete in 120 days.

This was follows by six (6) other packages as follows :-

1.  12th August 1997 - Structural Steel and Roofing Works

      Completed in 148 days

2.  9th December 1997 - Masonry Works

     Completed in 120 days

3.  6th May 1998 - Make Pack Paving Works

     Completed in 120 days

4.  8th January 2001 - Canteen

     Completed in 4 months

5.  1st October 2002 - Cast Leaf Facility Project

      Completed in 111 months

6.  1st April 2007 - Secondary Building Expansion Project

      Completed in 10 months



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