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Safety & Health Policy


It is the policy of the company to ensure that all activities are performed in a manner that protect the safety and health of employees, contractors and the public.

The Company will strive to continuously improve its safety performance, minimize the risk and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to occupational safety and health.

The management considers accident prevention of great importance.  Safety, being of paramount importance, will take precedence over business expediency.

In achieving its objectives, the Company will, among other things,

1)  Devote continuous effort to accident prevention, and maintenance of a healthy working environment.

2)  Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions and follow operating procedures.

3)  Hold all level of Management accountable for health and safety matters in their area of responsibility, while at the same time recognizing that each employee has direct responsibility to follow practices which ensure their own safety and health and that of their fellow employees.  As a fundamental part of their duties, they are responsible for

  • the Identification and elimination of hazards
  • the training of subordinates in the proper use of equipment and safe working practices
  • the promotion and development of safety and health consciousness and
  • the commitment of full co-operation for the attainment of these objectives







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